Since the early 1800's the building known presently as The Dog Bar has been an Inn or Hotel. Trappers, travelers, hunters, salesman, farmers and loggers all eagerly accepted the hospitality of this wayside resting place. At that time Route 240 was little more than Indian widened out by horse and oxcart. Wagon use widened it more and soon a plank road was built through the main portion of town.

The Hotel changed ownership many times during the 1800's, at times called the Florence Hotel(West Falls was known as Florence at one time); then West Falls Hotel and the H.P. Waters Hotel in 1865.

West Falls prospered during the late 1800's, an 1870 map listed approximately 50 buildings in less than one half mile of the main portion of town. There were 3 Churches, a Black Smithy, Paint Store, 2 Hotels, 2 Grist Mills, 1 Sawmill, 2 Schools, 1 Wagon Shop, 1 Store and Post Office, 2 General Stores and 1 Shoe Shop.

The railroad and the automobile soon took their toll. The accessibility of city jobs marked the decline of area's small businesses an dby the time the old brick road was macadamized in 1950 the are was mostly residential.

In 1939 the late Ole and Dorothy Benson bought the Hotel and remodeled it to a approximately its present state.

In 1941, Gus and Martha Schenne purchased the business; Gus had been with the Buffalo Hotel Statler for 17 years as Chief Steward and had an excellent background in the food business. Together they prospered.

Today the Schenne family remains in charge, upholding our reputation for the best quality food and drink at reasonable prices. Our guest list includes many foreign travelers who visit the area businesses and dine with us. One Japanese visitor told us we are famous in Tokyo for our steaks; an East Indian gentlemen remarked that this was his very special restaurant for lamb.

Whatever your preference, we will strive to please. Tell your friends about us. Come out for a pleasant ride in the area and dine on the way home. We have beautiful roadside scenery, small shops and stores, a world class bakery, golf course, ski areas, other good restaurants, and much more. We will gladly make arrangements for cocktail or dinner parties. Enjoy, and thanks so much for the opportunity to serve you.